Raising The Bar

Profoundly moving and right. A message of hope in these contentious times.

Take Off Your Shoes

integrity-quoteAt 4:00 this morning, I read We’re The Only Plane In The Sky which details the experience of President George W. Bush and those who were with him on 9/11 for the first 7 hours after the first plane hit the World Trade Center. It is a detailed account from the individual memories of those who were there—news correspondents, military personnel, the Air Force One pilot, air traffic controllers, members of the Secret Service and the CIA. It pulled me into the experience in a way that was sobering; it gave me an important perspective to round out what I knew about that day and things that have transpired since.

My response to what I read was similar to the way I felt nearly a year ago after reading What the President Secretly Did at Sandy Hook Elementary School, an excerpt from Joshua DuBois’ book: The President’s Devotional. This…

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