Just Mercy

Upon reading this blog by my friend I immediately downloaded the book, “Just Mercy.” What an incredible experience to read. If you have any compassion in your heart, your soul, your being you will be moved to tears by the powerful stories the author tells. You should also be moved to work to see that the death penalty is abolished in this country. I’m about halfway through the book and it continues to move me. Thank you Marie for bringing this important work to our attention.

Take Off Your Shoes

“Each of us is more than the worst thing we have ever done.”

–Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson compels me. I am compelled to read it every chance I get.  I am compelled to write and talk about the stories it contains. I am compelled to act on what I am learning.  In addition to using his gift of writing to generate awareness of systems that demand mercy, Bryan Stevenson also founded the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).  He is as brilliant as he is compassionate, with a work ethic driven by a passion he could not refuse. The stories that led him to write Just Mercy and found the EJI compelled him.

“Charlie was fourteen years old. He weighed less than 100 pounds and was just five feet tall. He didn’t have any juvenile criminal history–no prior arrests, no misconduct in school, no delinquencies or prior court…

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